A Profanity-Laced Video Game Password That Breaks Everything

Most of these passwords were gibberish that required a pen-and-paper to write down and remember. One password, however, is more memorable, and much more sinister.

Super Mario World "Completed" in Under 3 Minutes by Corrupting the RAM

This SMW TAS, posted in 2011, was so crazy that it inspired the creation of a new category of speed runs: Corrupts Memory.

Let Myspace's Justin Timberlake Bring Sexy To The Entire Internet

His moody yet charmful face adds a touch of class to any website. But why does he have to stay constrained to Myspace? Why not let Justin Timberlake dominate the world?

Auto-Save Images From Reddit To Computer Without Visiting The Site (Using IFTTT)

You can also save the top images on Reddit to your computer via any cloud storage service without ever visiting the website too!

Why Do Many Tweets Begin With A Period?

I eventually realized that beginning your reply Tweet with a period (.) allows it to be seen by all your followers.