The Decline of Imgur on Reddit and the Rise of Reddit's Native Image Hosting

Before Reddit added native image hosting, Imgur accounted for 15% of all submissions to Reddit. Now it's below 9%.

What Percent of the Top-Voted Comments in Reddit Threads Were Also 1st Comment?

Are commenters 'late to this thread' indeed late?

Methods for Finding Related Reddit Subreddits with Simple Set Theory

Fancy machine learning approaches may not be required to help Redditors discover new things.

How to Create a Network Graph Visualization of Reddit Subreddits

There is very little discussion on how to gather the data for large-scale network graph visualizations, and how to make them. It is time to fix that.

Quantifying and Visualizing the Reddit Hivemind

If we can find out which topics Reddit users tend to upvote, we can identify what keywords are most attractive to the Reddit hivemind.

How to Analyze Every Reddit Submission and Comment, in Seconds, for Free

With Reddit data in BigQuery, quantifying all the hundreds of millions of Reddit submissions and comments is trivial.

A Statistical Analysis of 142 Million Reddit Submissions

I constructed a database to store all Reddit Submissions from November 2007 to the end of October 2014: 142,159,793 submissions in total. And this data is very curious and very, *very* memetic.

Reddit is Growing Slowly, but Surely

I analyzed the daily number of submissions from over two years to see which events, if any, have affected Reddit's growth rate. As it turns out, Reddit grows by itself.