Visualizing Airline Flight Characteristics Between SFO and JFK

Box plots, when used correctly, can be a very fun way to visualize big data.

Problems with Predicting Post Performance on Reddit and Other Link Aggregators

The nature of algorithmic feeds like Reddit inherently leads to a survivorship bias: although users may recognize certain types of posts that appear on the front page, there are many more which follow the same patterns but fail.

Analyzing IMDb Data The Intended Way, with R and ggplot2

For IMDb's big-but-not-big data, you have to play with the data smartly, and both R and ggplot2 have neat tricks to do just that.

Visualizing One Million NCAA Basketball Shots

Although visualizing basketball shots has been done before, this time we have access to an order of magnitude more public data to do some really cool stuff.

A Visual Overview of Stack Overflow's Question Tags

I was surprised to see that all types of programming languages have quick answer times and a high probability of receiving an acceptable answer!

How to Make High Quality Data Visualizations for Websites With R and ggplot2

In general, it takes little additional effort to make something unique with ggplot2, and the effort is well worth it.

The Decline of Imgur on Reddit and the Rise of Reddit's Native Image Hosting

Before Reddit added native image hosting, Imgur accounted for 15% of all submissions to Reddit. Now it's below 9%.

Advantages of Using R Notebooks For Data Analysis Instead of Jupyter Notebooks

The relatively new R Notebooks improve the workflows of common data analysis in ways Jupyter Notebooks can't.

Pretrained Character Embeddings for Deep Learning and Automatic Text Generation

Keras + TensorFlow + Pretrained character embeddings makes text generation a breeze.

Predicting And Mapping Arrest Types in San Francisco with LightGBM, R, ggplot2

Given that a SF police arrest occurs at a specified time and place, what is the reason for that arrest?