Using CPUs instead of GPUs for deep learning training in the cloud is cheaper because of the massive cost differential afforded by …

Thanks to Keras, performing deep learning on a very large number of Reddit submissions is actually pretty easy. Performing it well is a …

Before Reddit added native image hosting, Imgur accounted for 15% of all submissions to Reddit. Now it’s below 9%.

The relatively new R Notebooks improve the workflows of common data analysis in ways Jupyter Notebooks can’t.

I have made the personal decision to leave my job at Apple to further my personal growth and technical skills.

Keras + TensorFlow + Pretrained character embeddings makes text generation a breeze.

Given that a SF police arrest occurs at a specified time and place, what is the reason for that arrest?

Manipulating actually-big-data is just as easy as performing an analysis on a dataset with only a few records.

Are commenters ‘late to this thread’ indeed late?

As it turns out, there is no correlation between programming ability and the frequency of Stack Overflow visits.