Imgur is Covertly Redirecting Image Links on Facebook and Twitter

When clicking a direct image link for the first time on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, Imgur will redirect you to the main image page instead.

The Friends Of My Friends Are Not My Friends

Why am I seeing pictures and statuses from friends of friends who are essentially complete strangers?

Do startups with short names containing few vowels raise more money?

tl;dr: No.

1 in 3 Links Submitted To Reddit Go To Imgur Or YouTube

As it turns out, Imgur, along with YouTube, account for 32% of the links submitted to Reddit.

Which Universities Produce the Most Successful Startup Founders?

Do the tech universities produce more funded graduates than the Ivy League universities? Do the founders from Ivy League Universities receive more funding than those from the top tier tech universities?

A Statistical Analysis of Submissions to Hacker News

I analyzed the submissions of links under the domain to Hacker News to see just how Medium keeps surging in popularity. The results, as always, are very revealing.

When a Startup Sends a Passive-Aggressive Email Every Day

It's just one email, I think, so I ignore it. And then I receive another e-mail, the next day, that's much less subtle: Your website misses you! This is certainly the first time a startup's emails have tried to guilt me into using the service.

Let Myspace's Justin Timberlake Bring Sexy To The Entire Internet

His moody yet charmful face adds a touch of class to any website. But why does he have to stay constrained to Myspace? Why not let Justin Timberlake dominate the world?

Auto-Save Images From Reddit To Computer Without Visiting The Site (Using IFTTT)

You can also save the top images on Reddit to your computer via any cloud storage service without ever visiting the website too!

Why Do Many Tweets Begin With A Period?

I eventually realized that beginning your reply Tweet with a period (.) allows it to be seen by all your followers.