When Uninstalling A PC Game Erases the Entire Hard Drive

A poorly coded PC game uninstaller could delete not just the game, but the *entire hard drive*. That would be a problem.

A Role-Playing Game With an Easily Exploitable Random Number Generator

The Golden Sun RNG is so poorly implemented that players have found out how to make events with 1/256 probability occur one hundred percent of the time.

A Profanity-Laced Video Game Password That Breaks Everything

Most of these passwords were gibberish that required a pen-and-paper to write down and remember. One password, however, is more memorable, and much more sinister.

Super Mario World "Completed" in Under 3 Minutes by Corrupting the RAM

This SMW TAS, posted in 2011, was so crazy that it inspired the creation of a new category of speed runs: Corrupts Memory.