When Uninstalling A PC Game Erases the Entire Hard Drive

A poorly coded PC game uninstaller could delete not just the game, but the *entire hard drive*. That would be a problem.

A Role-Playing Game With an Easily Exploitable Random Number Generator

The Golden Sun RNG is so poorly implemented that players have found out how to make events with 1/256 probability occur one hundred percent of the time.

A Profanity-Laced Video Game Password That Breaks Everything

Most of these passwords were gibberish that required a pen-and-paper to write down and remember. One password, however, is more memorable, and much more sinister.

Diablo III Economy Broken by an Integer Overflow Bug

Diablo III, Blizzard's highly-awaited online-only Action RPG released almost a year ago to the day, has had its share of technical difficulties. From Error 37 to lag spikes that can cause hundreds of hours to go to waste, Blizzard has spent the past year improving the game backend to better accommidate the millions of active players.

Super Mario World "Completed" in Under 3 Minutes by Corrupting the RAM

This SMW TAS, posted in 2011, was so crazy that it inspired the creation of a new category of speed runs: Corrupts Memory.