Unlimited Data Storage Using Image Steganography and Cat GIFs

tl;dr I was bored and decided to create infinite data in a way that makes people feel fuzzy inside.

Quantifying the Clickbait and Linkbait in BuzzFeed Article Titles

You probably do not know that the 3 most interesting things I found will blow your mind.

The Least Effective Method For Blocking Web Scraping of a Website

What was on Page #10 shocked me. OMG. I could not believe my eyes.

How Many #nofilter Instagram Photos Actually Have No Filter?

Not all of them.

A Thoughtful Analysis of the Most Poorly-Designed Chart Ever

The good thing about the chart? The data is properly cited. The bad? EVERYTHING ELSE.

Probabilistically Generating GitHub Projects

Perl interface to Git repositories via Ruby. Brute force your OpenERP data integration with flatfiles.

Do startups with short names containing few vowels raise more money?

tl;dr: No.

When a Startup Sends a Passive-Aggressive Email Every Day

It's just one email, I think, so I ignore it. And then I receive another e-mail, the next day, that's much less subtle: Your website misses you! This is certainly the first time a startup's emails have tried to guilt me into using the service.

A Totally-Real Totally-Serious Startup Pitch For Venture Capital

[This isn't real.]