TechCrunch writer Sarah Perez recently wrote an incredibly hilarious article about Myspace‘s recent redesign, and the…overemphasis of a certain former N'Sync band member. Justin Timberlake, the spearhead of Myspace’s music-oriented redesign, stresses his clean-shaven image with a handsome yet somber black-and-white portrait that always seems to follow you where you go.

I’m OK with this. There are certainly far worse ways to promote a startup.

His moody yet charmful face adds a touch of class to any website. But why does he have to stay constrained to Myspace? Why not let Justin Timberlake dominate the world?

No Such Thing As Too Much Sexy

If you are reading this post on a desktop or laptop, you’ll see a handsome fellow in the lower-right corner. This is Justin Timberlake of the Mickey Mouse Club. Say hi.

Using the power of the Stylish extension for Chrome and Firefox, Mr. Timberlake has already made his mark on many startups around the internet.

To accomplish this magic, I use the Stylish browser extension, which can be used with either Chrome or Firefox. I have used Stylish before, with browser filters, and it worked very well. If you want your own moody Justin, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Stylish extension for your browser.
  2. In the extension preferences, go to “Managed Installed Styles” and select “Write New Style”
  3. Paste this CSS code in the “Code” textbox:
body, ._li, .main {
background-image: url( !important;
background-position: right bottom !important;
background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
background-attachment: fixed !important;

And you’re done! Justin will appear pretty much everywhere. Yes, there are a lot of !important declarations, but Justin Timberlake is an important man.

In fact, by using the HTML snippet in this GitHub repository, you can add Justin to your own site!

Feel free to narrow down the domains where Justin appears by using Stylish as necessary. Although, why would you do such a thing!?

Taking Justin To The Next Level

Now that we can make Justin appear anywhere, let’s put his power to good use. TechCrunch writer Alexia Tsostis recently made a post about the upcoming redesign of TechCrunch, which, I admit, is long overdue.

In the post, Alexia spoils that the redesign will include lots of sparkles. And a picture of the Justin-man himself. Above is a mockup made by Chris Velazco, another TechCrunch writer, and it is indeed marvelous. (except for the lack of a comments section!)

But why wait for the redesign? We have Timberlake Technology. We can do it now.

Using the power of Stylish, I present to you, a sneak peek into TechCrunch’s 2013 redesign.

I made a few stylistic additions as well. It’s magic.

You can find a copy of the CSS I used to emulate this wonderful layout in this GitHub repository.

Will you let Timberlake enrich your life? He’s waiting. In the lower-right corner of your screen.


Max Woolf (@minimaxir) is a Data Scientist at BuzzFeed in San Francisco. He is also an ex-Apple employee and Carnegie Mellon University graduate.

In his spare time, Max uses Python to gather data from public APIs and ggplot2 to plot plenty of pretty charts from that data. On special occasions, he uses Keras for fancy deep learning projects.

You can learn more about Max here, view his data analysis portfolio here, or view his coding portfolio here.